EVENT: Making Product Development Mobile With The Cloud

A global industry like fashion needs global, mobile and flexible tools. Feeling you and your teams are bound and tied down to the office to be in touch even though you also need to be somewhere else? If you are feeling like all those spreadsheets and files on computers and servers are just not allowing you to run your fashion business at the speed it should run, our free online event might be something you’d like to attend!


‘Making Product Development Mobile with the Cloud’
Live from London on Thursday the 7th of may 2015, 11.00 A.M. BST

If you couldn’t attend the event but still would like to receive a recorded version of it, register anyway and we will send it your way shortly, together with all other additional information that was offered to attendees of the event.


Fashion business and technology consultant Ben Muis will share and show visuals representing his thoughts on the reasons that the fashion industry should progress towards use of cloud based tools and increased mobility.

He will also discuss the features and benefits of Cloud based product development management software during this online event.

Ben has almost 30 years of experience within the fashion industry and has extensive practical experience, crossing over between branded and online fashion business development and technology applications.

Throughout the online event we will show you how the Cloud can help a global industry like fashion develop and manage product more efficiently. Ben will also show you examples of cloud technology applications that make product development processes smooth and simple, and there will be time set aside for the attendees to ask questions.

There are limited spaces to ensure the Q&A session is with a sensible group size, so if you would like to attend please register now.

Our thanks goes out to wfxondemand.com for providing their system for the benefit of illustrating Cloud benefits.

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Comments (2)

  1. Thanks for the invitation to the online event on May 7th.
    Unfortunately I cannot participate during this time, but as you mentioned, it’s possible to get a recorded version afterwards.
    I registered accordingly. Would be great to get a version/download by e-mail.

    Kind regards

    1. Hello Uwe, we have sent you a link to the recorded version. Feel free to get back to us with any questions. Thanks again for your interest.


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