Cloud PDM for Fashion, Sports and Luxury

Cloud product data management for fashion, sports and luxury goods puts all your product information in a simple location that you can access from anywhere. Our cloud-based PDM facility is easy to get grips with and what’s more is that the step up to PLM – should you wish to take it – is also a simple one.


Bring it all together and get control over your products

Why Should You Choose Cloud PDM For Your Business?

Just some of the things our current clients already enjoy...

PDM gets all your data centralised and organised quickly. If you’re in charge of fashion, sports or luxury goods collections and have been attempting to maintain them using other office software, chances are that you’ve been fighting a losing battle. Our PDM software is designed to address these issues and optimise your operations. It is the result of ten years of hard work and collaboration with fashion, sports and luxury goods companies around the world.

Fashion PDM in the Cloud

Whilst the vast majority of our customers do opt for the PLM option, the PDM solution is a great option for those who want to focus or replacing spreadsheet based product information and specifcations with a centralised, shareable and trackable system.

And with the WFX system you can always upgrade to a full PLM whenever you are ready, without losing any of your previous work or data.

Why not have a closer look today?


More than 15000 people are already using the WFX Cloud system to control their design, development and production processes.

Why not see a live system for yourself? It may just be the right thing for your business.

A live demo will show you and your colleagues what Cloud PLM can do for your fashion, sportswear, luxury goods, footwear or accessories business.

It is a great way to evaluate things from the comfort of your own office. Although if you prefer a personal demo we would be happy to invite you to our office or visit you at yours.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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