Training Your Team in New Processes and Systems


New software is meaningless if the right training isn’t delivered, but you can count on the expert team at 1970i to help you derive as much value as possible from our PLM services. We are cloud PLM and fashion industry experts that know exactly how to tailor our software towards your needs and enhances your product lifestyle management processes.



Our software allows you to manage everything from product development, costs, specifications and range building in one central location. It allows your team to gain access to the very latest data from wherever they are in the world, ensuring that geography is no barrier to prosperity and productivity.


Our training processes are designed with your obligations in mind. We make sure that integrating PLM into your day-to-day activities is a seamless process. Our team will train your team on the job, helping them get to grips with your new system straight away. We can offer on- or offsite training and provide support and guidance whenever you need it.


We work directly with the people that will be using the systems to guide them through the software. We believe that the best way to learn is to conduct tasks that need to be done anyway. Our cost-efficient training services mean that you don’t have to pay over the odds to show your staff how to use the systems. Everything is set up to ensure you and your team can become familiar with the software right away. We introduce real tasks into training at the earliest opportunity to help you benefit from the system immediately.


Whilst suppliers and licensees are usually trained online, we can even provide them with physical training if needed. We have trained a significant number of teams to use WFX software, so whether it’s a PDM or PLM system that you’re interested in, you can rest assured that our team will go the extra mile to help your staff become competent at using it.

Should any team member become confused when getting to grips with your new system, they can contact the help desk to resolve the issue and talk to an industry professional. Our support team have the expertise needed to answer any relevant question.

We are never satisfied until your team are fully confident in using our WFX PDM and PLM systems. Talk to us today to learn more about what we can do for your fashion or retail business.

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