Process Mapping and Improvement


At 1970i, we look closely at our clients’ existing strategies in order to optimise them and help them make the most of our software. We look closely at the processes our clients are using and assess their product development, production, sales and delivery strategies in order to come up with solutions and help them derive real value from our services. Our process mapping and improvement services leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping businesses to prosper. More and more companies from the global fashion industry are prospering after receiving help from 1970i.

Before systems are installed and implemented, we map our clients’ processes and offer them suggestions for improvements. Working out how to configure a system for a business means assessing what the company needs to be able to achieve on the system and what order they need to achieve it in. We work hard to gain a full understanding of our clients’ needs in order to provide them with new systems that get results. This can mean establishing processes that do not exist or enhancing them to ensure they can be systemised. We are never satisfied until we feel our systems can be integrated seamlessly into your infrastructure.

Our processes ensure that our clients also get a full understanding of what the aims of our systems are, why we feel changes should be made and how things could be done better once a system is in place. We endeavour to ensure our systems lead to mapped and improved processes that run smoothly and can be controlled confidently.

Our process mapping and improvement service involves conducting short interviews with people from various different company departments to see what they do and what their targets are. This enables us to see the bigger picture and allows us to consider the views and goals of departments as well as the business as a whole.

Cloud-based software has real benefits for fashion and retail companies. We offer tailored approach rather than a one-size-fits-all service in order to provide our clients with bespoke solutions. We’re keen to talk to you today if you’re eager to learn more about process mapping and improvement and how product lifecycle management systems could help you. We have the specialist knowledge needed to implement facilities such as product lifecycle management systems and can help your staff get the most of them via our expert guidance and advice.

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