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Specialists in Fashion Industry Technology and Processes

As the Fashion Technology department of London based Conceptable Limited, 1970i provides clients in the fashion and associated industries with business transforming systems and consultancy.

1970i Fashion Technology Business Meeting Room Near Tower Bridge London

One of our London meeting and training rooms

From our base near Tower Bridge we work with businesses across the UK, quite a number of European countries and often their Far Eastern counterparts on their Product management, commercial and e-commerce system needs.

Our senior consultants have a track record of successfully managing implementation and process improvement projects, and under the leadership of Ben Muis have developed intensive customizable on-site training programmes wich ensure your team members are trained to use their systems and any new processes to their full capability.

We have close partnerships with WFX and links into several other system providers. Our knowledge about the system capabilities and implementation processes enables us to provide our clients with the quickest, most flexible and effective way to introduce collaborative PDM, PLM and ERP to fashion related businesses.

In addition we have our own in-house capabilities to host and configure flexible, mobile compatible e-commerce platforms. We combine this capability with our fashion business knowledge and links with Conceptable to provide our clients with easy to administer, powerful e-commerce applications.

If you are interested in any of the 1970i services, please don’t hesitate to contact us about this. We are always happy to discuss your challenges or needs over the telephone or in our office.

Our Skills

Fashion Business

We do not only understand the technologies we work with, we have a deep understanding of the fashion and sportswear industry and what it needs to function. Our consultants have worked in, managed and thrived within fashion businesses internationally.

Process Mapping

By gaining an overview of the total process and internal life-cycle of a product within your business we can map the stages and link the required information to each of the steps on the way. This allows us to accurately determine system requirements, system settings, external system interactions and training requirements.

Process Improvements

Because of our process mapping skills and fashion industry experience we are often able to identify which parts of your products journey are not being run efficiently. It is not uncommon for us to include significant improvements in overall process and even business structure in our implementation projects.

Implementation Management

PDM, PLM or ERP implementations need a mix of detailed project management, team engagement, process understanding and a desire to achieve the best outcome for your business. Not many companies will have a track record of swift, detailed and successful implementations like ours. We stay on target, make sure we have the teams on board with the process and get the maximum out of the systems for our clients.


We have said it before… and we will say it again. A system needs capable and enthusiastic users to get the most out of it for the business. Engaging our training consultants to lead your team training brings you to the next level. We are able to engage, understand their job roles and can translate what the system is able to do into something that is beneficial to their day to day goals.

System Evaluation

Are you looking at systems but you are not sure if the combination of systems is going to give you the result you need to run your business well? We are part of the Conceptable consultancy. You can use our team and our experience to help you evaluate your choices and come to the right purchasing decision. Yes, we will probably also make you aware of the systems we work with in the Cloud during that process. However, when we consult we stay neutral and work on your goals, not ours.

Why Should You Choose The Systems We Market?

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Our team are ready to set up meetings, help you answer your questions, arrange system demo’s and provide pricing information.

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